Working at Heights, Confined Space and Rescue Services

Height Dynamics has a highly motivated team dedicated to providing professional services to access and perform work at heights.

We can supply a range of licensed tradesmen and can perform works such as;

  • Roof work including leak investigation, repairs, waterproofing, sealing and gutter maintenance
  • Electrical works, running conduit and more complex wiring
  • Works on or around fragile surfaces
  • Balustrade, Handrail and Walkway Installation
  • Installation of Temporary Access and Safety Systems
  • Glazing installations, repairs or sealing work

Each member of our team is highly trained and certified and all work is performed to the requirements of Australian Standards. We pride ourselves on our effectiveness and the quality of our work, even in the most challenging positions and tasks.

Height Dynamics are able to mobilise and establish site at short notice with minimal disturbance to your site, site personnel or the public.

A strong belief to performance, a strict code of conduct and attention to detail makes Height Dynamics team an asset to your business

Services by Height Dynamics

Project Management Services

Height Dynamics offers project management services to perform specific tasks in accordance with all relevant industry standards. We understand that our clients can be faced with difficult height safety access requiring specialist access requirements.

We provide experienced technicians to work on your projects and can provide equipment and appropriate levels of supervision to allow your workers to carry out more specialised tasks. This includes standby rescue personnel to closely monitor and supervise your workers and assist your company to manage the risks associated when working at heights or in a confined space.


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